How to change double/single quotes in Microsoft Office

Bad Quotes on Microsoft Office

Not about programming, but very useful. As a computer scientist, is usual to write technical documents for people which contains snippets of code of any programming language or database stuff. Problem comes when you have to write single or double quotes and you get the “final user” quotes style instead straight double and single quotes we write when we are programming. Those are called smart quotes. It’s possible to change them?

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Oracle PL/SQL: Table is mutating ERROR

You have TABLE_A which has a trigger AFTER SOMETHING which actually does something, in the body of the trigger or through calling a PL/SQL function. Anyways, the PL/SQL code in some way interacts with TABLE_A, the same one which triggers the trigger. When you test the trigger by INSERTING/UPDATING/DELETING a record, you get the next error:

Which causes this?

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