Set/change sheet name in Excel (Apache POI)

I’ve been working on a project involving a lot of Excel files processing using Apache POI library. I was coding a method to generate an Excel report with various sheets, and to stylish a little bit i wanted to set sheet names, but looking for a method like sheet.setName(), i couldn’t find anything. Looking in the documentation i couldn’t find anything, but navigating a little bit i found this post on stackoverflow:

Basically, you use the Workbook object instead Sheet object, based on sheet index beginning from zero:



Connection pool in JBoss 7.1/Wildfly 8.2

When deploying production applications, the best way to handle database connections is through a connection pool. Actually, most of JEE containers can manage connection pools, thus, you only request a connection from your application to the server and server is in charge of manage active connections and serve connections when needed. JBoss lets you configure a datasource and then configure a connection pool. The steps are the next:

  1. Register JDBC library as a module
  2. Create a new database driver based on JDBC module
  3. Create a datasource

1. Register JDBC library as a module

I’m using PostgreSQL 9.3 so i have postgresql-9.3-1102-jdbc41.jar . Navigate to JBoss directory. Inside you will find a folder named modules. Here, you will see various modules already present in JBoss or Widlfly. In Wildfly is a little bit different because inside modules folder, you only will find a folder named system. The idea is to separate system modules from your modules. You will have to create your own folders inside it.

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